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About Maramures county

Maramures my home county

Maramures is situated in the northwest of Romania, the region occupies an area of 6304 square kilometers.
The first written documentation of Maramures dates back to the year 1199, but archaeological evidence points to habitation of these lands since the Neolithic age.

Rural and ecotourism opportunities abound throughout Maramures. Visitors are invited to spend a night in a rural guesthouse, taste traditional foods, and witness traditional handicraft creation.

Eight wooden churches from Maramures have been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. These churches, which date from the mid-fourteenth until the late eighteenth centuries, include: Surdesti (1721), Plopis (1792), Budesti Josani (1643), Barsana (1720), Desesti (1770), Poienile Izei (1604), Ieud-Deal (mid fourteenth century) and Rogoz (1663).

Less than 20 km away from Sighet is the town of Sapanta, famous for its truly unique „Merry Cemetery”, a must-see for anyone visiting Maramures. The cemetery owes its name to the vivid colors of the headboards on which naively painted scenes narrate the biography of the deceased. The rhymes are deprived of usual clichés and remain fresh and original check this.

Mogosa Chalet is located 15 km from Baia Mare. Swimming in the lake and climbing the surrounding peaks are the chief summer attractions, while the famous ski slope and the chair lift are the appeal during the winter months.
Located just 1 km from here is the Suior Tourism Complex, another area for relaxation and escape from day-to-day life. Accommodation here is provided by 3 mini-hotels. The ski slope, with a length of 1400 m, is equipped with a chair lift.

The Creasta Cocosului (The Rooster's Crest), another natural attraction in the area, is a craggy cliff offering excellent climbing opportunities for mountaineers.

The Izvoarele Resort, is located 32 km from Baia Mare and offers accommodation, relaxation, and skiing facilities. Half-way between Baia Mare and Izvoarele is the Firiza Dam and lake, offering stunning scenery which is well worth a brief stop.

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